To help you prepare, we’ve assembled some FAQs:

Yes, there are still tickets left?

Yes! *All* are still welcome to purchase tickets. Go to:

Note that while individuals under 21 can enter for free, they must still reserve a ticket in the purchase system and will only be admitted to the event when accompanied by a ticketed adult. Anyone under 21 will be required to exit the event no later than 7 pm.

Will the “Under 21” time period (3-7) include family-friendly activities?

Yes! Expect plenty of family-friendly fun in the afternoon.

Can I still organize an event for kids?

If you would like to create an activity for children, please email ebslavin@gmail.com

I’m an adult without a child: Will there still be something for me to do in the afternoon?

Yes! The 3-7 time slots will include wellness activities such as yoga; art installations; live music and a Daytime dance floor? Come early to enjoy everything that Decom has to offer!

Will we be indoors for the full event?

Not unless you want to…the Knockdown Center spans both indoor and outdoor spaces. The Decompression event is taking full advantage of all areas, so watch the weather and dress accordingly!

Do I have to wear a costume?

Feel free to radically express yourself! Wear something that makes you feel most present and participatory…but that also allows you to be comfortable for the span of the event. (So yes, many people will choose to be in costume and/or fabulous outfits…but don’t stay home if that’s not your jam! Oh, and, you will need to cover your privates, it’s not a nudity-ok event.)

Will you publish a “What Where When” of activities, performances, music, theme camps, and art?

Not this time, but rest assured there will be something fun to do and see at *every moment*! In the spirit of Immediacy, we encourage everyone to come for as long as you can, suspend expectation…and explore and enjoy.

Will there be a central “Burn” event?

Not exactly…BUT, we encourage you to arrive before 11pm. Trust us.

What’s the latest we can enter?

Doors will close at 3a.

Can I still volunteer?

Yes! Most of the online sign-ups have closed, but once the event has begun, please swing by the Volunteer Check-in desk to see how you can help!

Can I still bring art?

We love all art! But for the sake of the site map, load-in and load-out, and egress, we need to know specifics. Please fill out the art submission form–we’re still checking it:

Can I bring a spontaneous theme camp or other activity?

You’re the last-minute type, huh?! If your idea requires any space, we need to know about it, for the same reasons of the site map, load-in and load-out, and egress. Please still fill out the theme camp form:

I would like to gift food and/or drink. Is that okay?

NO. Only permitted entities will be allowed to serve refreshments on site.

What do I do about water?

Free water will be offered. We recommend bringing your own – empty – water bottle.

What is the food situation?

You can’t bring in outside food. The event includes a burner-owned food vendor whose snack and meal menu will include vegan and gluten-free options. This vendor will accept both cash and credit cards.

What if I have special medical dietary needs?

Security will review such situations on a case-by-case basis.It will need to be pre-packaged as opposed to home made.

Can we leave and re-enter the event?

You may leave and re-enter prior to 10 pm. After that, there will be no re-entry.

May I bring my fire toys?

If you have not received prior authorization from our Fire Leads, then NO. Please do not bring your fire toys or fuel. But LED and other light-up flow toys are most welcome!

May I bring a bag?

Yes, but all bags will be checked by the venue’s Security Team for prohibited items.

What will be prohibited?

Please see the venue’s FAQ list for a complete list of prohibited items:

Can I take public transportation to the venue?

Yes! See:

Note that the extra shuttle from the subway station will NOT operate on the weekend, but there are several bus options.

Is there parking available?

The venue’s website notes that there is street parking in the vicinity, but no guarantees, and you park at your own risk. And of course, do not even think about drinking and driving!

Can I check a coat and/or bag?

If the weather is cold or inclement, the venue will operate a coat check. Each item will cost $5, and only cash will be accepted.

What if I need help during the event?

We’ve got you covered! Decompression will include trained Black Rock Rangers, Security personnel, and Medical resources on site.

Hope to see you there!