After Burn

Introduction and Thanks

NYC Decom 2022 was a success! Another all ages large scale NYC Decompression with an exploding man as our event’s centerpiece.  We are honored that the diverse artists, theme camps, performers, volunteers and participants came together to create such a joyous expression of our culture. New York City is a large community and we are proud to say that our population and our event was varied in age, race, orientation, expression and interests.  Thank you everyone for your participation.


As your regional representatives (current and former), we would like to acknowledge the following team leads for their volunteerism and dedication:

Shiny, Producer

Ali Luminsicent, Performance Lead

Rohan & Todd, Volunteer Leads

Manon, Ticketing Liaison

Firecracker, Ranger Lead

Erik Slavin, Kidsville

Harmony, Conclave

Elena & Sage, Fire Leads

Meg-O, Greeter Lead


“Dreamy” was a lighthearted play on Burning Man’s 2022 theme. Paying homage to The Waking Dream while softening it for hard times we have all recently been through.

LEO, Sound Complaints, Reported Injuries

Once again we are proud to report that we had no issues with law enforcement, no sound complaints, and no reported injuries! The venue continues to be elated and surprised with our efficiency and our ability to leave no trace.

Venue & Ticketing

In 2021 The Knockdown Center signed a contract with to handle their ticketing. This is not our preferred partner and led to many hours of phone calls and website adjustments with this vendor leading up to and during the event. Despite that, we are happy to report that in 2022 we had 1725 paid attendees at NYC Decompression. This number is 190 people less than it was in 2019. We believe this drop in attendance was due to the weather leading up to and during the event. Rain and bad weather from Hurricane Ian forced us to move the event indoors.

Decompression Art Grants

Decompression awarded over $24,000 in grants to participating art projects. Our art grants were directed to theme camps to fund their spaces, art installations and programming.


The moment you have all been waiting for. Where did my ticket money go!?


New York’s 2022 Decompression event profited $26,558.04. 

This will bring the not for profit bank account balance to $51,048.43. After accounting for the art grants in the amount of ($6,305) that were distributed in 2022. More information on those awardees and grant process can be found at

NYLoA plans to set aside $30,000 of the current bank account for the 2023 Decompression event so that we don’t have to rely on an outside fiscal sponsor for that event. We plan to use the balance for the 2023 grant cycle as well as a nominal portion for administrative accounting and filings.


New York League of Arts, the not for profit that runs NYC Decom plans to hold their 2nd set of art grants in 2023. More information on those awardees and grant process can be found at The art grant program is aimed at helping to facilitate the creative process through public art, education and events. The art grant program will be open to applications by the community for any New York City based artist/educator who is building art to be brought to Burning Man, building art for Decompression, or building art for BM-related events in NYC.  The application form and criteria will be published in January. We will prioritize funding of highly interactive, community-driven, collaborative works of art that are accessible to the public and civic in scope. We expect to have applications open until just before the Annual NYC Playa Arts Preview event, artists will be notified in the late spring and funds will be transferred in early summer.  If you are interested in being on the review board, you may apply by filling out the form at:

Daniel Zen, Decom Producer & NYC Regional Contact

Stefan Pildes, Decom Designer & Former Regional Contact